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L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle L137PRD Fuel Delphi Injection Spray ASLA158FL137

L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle L137PRD Fuel Delphi Injection Spray ASLA158FL137

    • L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle L137PRD Fuel Delphi Injection Spray ASLA158FL137
    • L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle L137PRD Fuel Delphi Injection Spray ASLA158FL137
    • L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle L137PRD Fuel Delphi Injection Spray ASLA158FL137
    • L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle L137PRD Fuel Delphi Injection Spray ASLA158FL137
  • L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle L137PRD Fuel Delphi Injection Spray ASLA158FL137

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: ERIKC
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: L137PBD L137PRD DSLA 158 FL 137 ASLA 158 FL 137 D137

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
    Price: negotiable
    Packaging Details: erikc standard pack
    Delivery Time: 1-3 days after payment
    Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, paypal
    Supply Ability: 10000+
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    Detailed Product Description
    Item: ERIKC L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle Model No: L137PBD L137PRD DSLA 158 FL 137 ASLA 158 FL 137 D137
    For Injector: EJBR02901D EJBR03701D EJBR02401Z 33801-4X800 33801-4X810 Gross Weight: 40-50g/pc
    For Car Engine: HYUNDAI KIA Delphi Injector Car Delivery Time:: Within 1-2 Days After Payment
    High Light:

    delphi diesel injector nozzle


    diesel fuel injector nozzle

    ERIKC L137PBD common rail injector nozzle L137PRD fuel delphi injection spray ASLA158FL137 for EJBR02901D EJBR02401Z


    delphi original common rail nozzle


    Item: L137PBD CR Injector Nozzle
    Model No: L137PBD L137PRD DSLA158FL137 ASLA158FL137
    D137 Delphi Injector nozzle
    Matched Control Valve: 9308-621C , 9308 621C , 9308z621C Delphi Fuel Valve
    Application For Injector: R02901D , R03701D , R02401Z , 33801-4X810 , 33801-4X800
    Common Rail Fuel Injector
    Carnival Mk II 2.9L CRDi MPV , Sedona II 2.9L CRDi MPV KJ Euro 3
    Net Weight: 30g/pc
    Gross Weight: 40-50g/pc
    Packaging Details: 1 piece/box
    Box Size: 12.5(cm)*2.5(cm)*2.5(cm)
    Warranty: 12 month
    Delivery Time: Within 1-2 days after payment , you can receive goods within 6-12 day.
    Shipping Way: DHL , FedEx , UPS , TNT , EMS , ARAMEX , By Air.
    Payment Terms: T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram , PayPal , Ect.
    Current Export Market: South/North America , Europe , Mid East , Africa , Asia , Australia.


    Nozzle Picture


    delphi fuel injection pump nozzle


    L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle L137PRD Fuel Delphi Injection Spray ASLA158FL137L137PBD Common Rail Injector Nozzle L137PRD Fuel Delphi Injection Spray ASLA158FL137


    Other ERIKC Nozzle List


    Bosch nozzle list


    DLLA148P2222 DLLA142P1595 DSLA154P1034 DSLA124P1659 DSLA128P5510 DSLA154P1320
    DLLA141P2146 DSLA143P1058 DSLA142P1474 DSLA143P1523 DSLA143P5501 DSLA158P974
    DLLA157P1424 DLLA156P1114 DSLA143P970 DLLA118P1357 DLLA144P1565 DLLA145P926
    DLLA144P1423 DLLA144P1417 DLLA150P1011 DLLA155P822 DLLA145P2168 DLLA146P1339
    DLLA150P1746 DLLA138P1533 DLLA150P1076 DLLA160P1063 DLLA140p1790 DSLA142P988
    DSLA156P737 DLLA148P1671 DSLA150P1045 DLLA152P2217 DSLA145P979 DLLA150P2142
    DLLA143P761 DLLA157P1777 DLLA143P1069 DLLA155P2264 DLLA153P1004 DLLA146P2161
    DLLA146P768 DLLA150P1812 DLLA156P1107 DLLA148P2361 DSLA144P971 DLLA150P2125
    DSLA142P795 DLLA148P1815 DSLA156P1113 DLLA148P2369 DLLA156P889 DLLA150P1826
    DLLA150P2386 DLLA146P1610 DLLA150P2578 DLLA153P2484 DLLA145P2529 DLLA149P2611
    DSLA143P5519 DLLA148P1524 DLLA82P1773 DLLA126P1776 DSLA128P1510 DLLA150P1828
    DSLA124P1309 DLLA154P1795 DLLA118P1677 DLLA150P1666 DLLA133P2379 DLLA150P2121
    DLLA146P1405 DLLA156P1368 DLLA118P1691 DLLA140P2281 DLLA133P2491 DLLA142P2262
    DLLA1456P1406 DSLA140P1723 DLLA118P2203 DLLA142P1709 DLLA144P1707 DLLA143P1619
    DLLA140P1051 DLLA153P1608 DLLA145P2270 DLLA145P1738 DLLA155P2175 DLLA145P1655
    DLLA149P1471 DLLA146P1296 DLLA145P2301 DLLA145P2144 DLLA155P2473 DLLA145P1720
    DLLA160P1308 DLLA152P1819 DLLA146P1783 DLLA149P2345 DLLA151P2421 DLLA155P1514
    DLLA160P1415 DLLA150P1827 DLLA146P1725 DLLA148P2268 DLLA150P1803 DLLA155P1674
    DLLA147P2474 DLLA150P2208 DLLA148P2267 DLLA151P2407 DLLA150P1197 DLLA146P1581
    DLLA155P2517 DLLA147P1702 DLLA151P2240 DLLA145P2397 DLLA150P1298 DLLA150P1622
    DLLA152P1678 DLLA152P2350 DLLA145P1493 DLLA150P1564 DLLA149P1724 DLLA150P2439
    DLLA150P1683 DLLA148P1067 DLLA150P2339 DLLA150P1566 DLLA149P2166 DLLA150P2440
    DLLA148P1688 DLLA152P1768 DLLA152P1507 DLLA143P2364 DLLA151P2182 DLLA142P1654
    DLLA148P2221 DLLA152P1690 DLLA162P2266 DLLA150P2186 DLLA151P2225 DLLA150P2259
    DLLA158P1385 DLLA143P1404 DLLA82P1668 DLLA118P1697 DLLA153P1609 DLLA150P2436
    DLLA157P2447 DLLA153P1721 DLLA140P2281 DLLA151P2228 DLLA149P2593 DLLA146P2487
    DLLA153P2210 DLLA153P2189 DLLA143P2364 DLLA152P2362 DLLA145P2431 DLLA148P1809
    DLLA153P2351 DLLA156P1367 DLLA143P2365 DLLA155P2226 DLLA149P2614 DLLA148P2129
    DLLA156P1509 DLLA143P1696 DLLA143P2472 DLLA153P2521 DLLA150P1772 DLLA148P2358
    DLLA147P2405 DLLA145P2411 DLLA155P2179 DLLA153P2542 DLLA150P2122 DLLA148P2497
    DLLA150P1437 DLLA149P2332 DLLA143P2536 DLLA153P2546 DLLA150P2155 DLLA150P2616
    DLLA150P1511 DLLA150P2123 DLLA145P2487 DLLA151P2188 DLLA158P2539 DLLA150P2272
    DLLA150P2197 DLLA150P2126 DLLA150P2143 DLLA150P2596 DLLA148P2523 DLLA150P2362
    DLLA150P1781 DLLA144P2273 DLLA152P2344 DLLA150P2489 DLLA155P2547 DLLA143P2500
    DLLA150P2424 DLLA145P978 DLLA150P1808 DLLA150P2576 DLLA157P2508 DLLA145P2139
    DLLA150P2482 DLLA150P2156 DLLA150P2386 DLLA143P2155 DSLA150P783 DSLA150P1043
    DSLA124P5516 DSLA124P5500 DSLA140P862 DSLA142P795 DSLA156P736 DSLA136P804
    DSLA152P1287 DSLA150P1103 DSLA150P800 DSLA150P1156 DSLA150P1247 DSLA150P1248
    DLLA150P847 DLLA150P 848 DSLA146P1440 DLLA150P635 DSLA150P1499 DSLA150P1042
    DLLA140P1377 DLLA152P1525 DLLA137P1577 DLLA157P715 DLLA156P1719 DSLA154P1129
    DLLA152P967 DLLA152P1681 DSLA150P1042 DSLA146P1409 DSLA142P1519 DSLA146P1398
    DLLA145P1794 DLLA145P2124        


    Denso nozzle list

    DLLA150P991 DLLA139P887 DLLA148P915 DLLA152P1097 DLLA153P885 DLLA155P964
    DLLA147P747 DLLA142P852 DLLA150P1052 DLLA152P805 DLLA155P1062 DLLA155P965
    DLLA147P788 DLLA145P1024 DLLA150P835 DLLA152P865 DLLA155P1090 DLLA158P984
    DLLA155P1044 DLLA145P864 DLLA155P848 DLLA157P855 DLLA145P1049 DLLA150P927
    DLLA152P947 DLLA145P870 DLLA155P863 DLLA157P855 DLLA125P889 DLLA155P948
    DLLA155P1025 DLLA145P875 DLLA150P866 DLLA158P1092 DLLA155P842 DLLA156P799
    DLLA150P906 DLLA148P765 G3S33 G3S6 G3S32 G3S47
    DLLA133P814 DLLA150P815 DLLA148P872 DLLA155P683 DLLA150P1026 DLLA155P1030
    DLLA145P1031 DLLA150P966 DLLA148P924 DLLA151P955 DLLA153P977 DLLA155P840
    DLLA148P816 DLLA152P980 DLLA148P932 DLLA152P1040 DLLA148P826 DLLA150P991
    DLLA145P970 DLLA158P834 DLLA152P862 DLLA158P854 DLLA152P981 G3S51
    DLLA158P1096 DLLA158P844 DLLA153P884 DLLA149P703 DLLA148P817 G3S52

    Delphi nozzle list


    L076PBD L097PBD L136PBD L210PBC L216PBC L153PBD
    L079PBD L120PBD L137PBD L135PBD L221PBC L157PBD
    L087PBD L121PBC L138PBD L215PBC L222PBC L017PBB
    L096PBD L133PBD L163PBD L274PBC L223PBC L025PBC
    L023PBC L053PBC L194PBC L211PBC G347 L028PBC
    L229PBC L281PBD L244PRD L193PBC L195PBC L045PBL
    L322PBC L381PRD G379      


    ERIKC hot product


    Mainly producing and selling CR injectors, nozzles, control valves, valve bonnets, CRIN repair kits, injector adjusting shims, common rail injector testers and repair tools. Besides our own brand "HAOTENG" and "DYD", we are also the sole agent of UK ERIKC (the former OEM factory of famous international brand common rail Parts).
    hot product.jpg


    Injector FAQ :


    FAQ: What about fuel additives promising to clean my injectors?

    ERIKC Answer:Fuel additives do a good job of cleaning carbon deposits from both the inside of your engine and the valves but in reality do little for fuel injectors (except in very serious cases). Neither do such additives balance out injector flow or identify problems with resistance or leaking.

    We only recommend using them once every 10,000 miles as overuse can damage to both catalectic convertors and lambda (O2) sensors - this risk is substantial when 'on car' cleaning equipment is used..


    FAQ: Will ultrasonic injector cleaning cure my emissions problem?

    ERIKC Answer:Possibly - Depending on the cause of the problem. Some emissions problems are caused by engine wear that injector cleaning cannot address. However, it is likely that injector cleaning will cure an emissions problem should the source be diagnosed as 'dirty' or problematic injectors.


    FAQ: Why is postage more for diesel injectors?

    ERIKC Answer:Diesel injectors are typically at least twice the weight of petrol injectors. The cost of returning diesel injectors with insured postage is reflected in our postal charge.


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